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Deployable Structures and Release Systems


We offer our clients & collaborators knowledge of High strength synthetic fibres, drop-stitch technology, utilisation of new flexible materials, developing new rigidisation concepts, folding techniques, tendon-based control, and the application of new manufacturing processes.


“Space robotics and autonomous systems (or Space RAS) play a critical role in the current and future development of mission-defined machines that are capable of surviving in the space environment, and performing exploration, assembly, construction, maintenance, or servicing tasks. Modern space RAS represents a multi-disciplinary emerging field that builds on as well as contribute to knowledge of the space engineering, terrestrial robotics, computer science as well as many miscellaneous subjects like materials and IT.” – UK RAS Network

Teqniqa Systems Ltd is a member of the ESA Tech Transfer Network, and collaborates in the development of Inflatable structures, Deformable surfaces and novel Actuators for diverse space applications. From atmospheric entry, landing, deployment, HAPS, support structures, and habitats.  We are a world leader in flexible chambers for human occupation deriving from our expertise in the design and manufacture of ASME and FDA approved Portable Hyperbaric Chambers.

Bio-Inspired Soft Robots

Teqniqa is currently pursuing various Bio-Inspired Soft Robotics and Swarming concepts for Space RAS, and has active programmes in Space Technology Transfer for Terrestrial applications.

With multi-disciplinary in-house expertise in novel structures and rapid prototype manufacturing, computer science, swarming AI, and experience operating and maintaining unmanned aircraft.


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