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Load Reduction Mooring Systems


The Intelligent Mooring System (IMS) is the new technology standard for mooring line load reduction.

The fundamentals of the system could be described as a Hydraulic Muscle – a large diameter braided sleeve with attached hydraulic reservoir, actively controlled in operation or with intelligent load threshold responses.

The IMS is being developed to address a market demands for reduced mooring line loads and mooring cost for floating platforms.  These platforms are projected to increase significantly in number during the next decade, particularly for deep water Floating Offshore Wind operations.  Analytical Performance Assessments have demonstrated reductions in line tension over 70% in the peak line tension compared to a nylon rope system in dynamic simulations.

Active control of the device load-extension characteristics in operation means that the response of the mooring system can be optimised to give the lowest loads possible consistent with a required position keeping criteria in a range of environmental conditions improving efficiency and energy capture.

The ability to change the load-extension curve in operation also allows tuning of the mooring system to enhance platform motion and the variable pre-tension can be used for tidal range compensation or for ease of access for installation and maintenance.

Prototypes are currently undergoing test and evaluation with platform trials schedule to commence in late 2019.

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