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Pneumatic Muscle Actuators

Pneumatic muscle actuators (PMA) provide large blocking forces, fast response rates and high reliability making these systems highly desirable for hold down and payload release mechanism.

Teqniqa Systems Ltd can provide single actuators to integrate in to existing systems or complete systems using our novel flexible composite high pressure chamber technology.

Another benefit of pneumatic actuation systems is the reduction of electromagnetic signature of products or larger platforms such as vessels and aircraft. Replacement of an all-electric system with a PMA system will reduce the risk of unintentional electromagnetic leakage and also reduce transmitted power to the strict minimum in those sensitive areas.

Advantages of PAMs

- Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) for high risk
 electrical and electronic medical components.

- Reduced electromagnetic spectrum of any platform.
 High reliability and low maintenance compared to 
 pneumatic cylinder actuators.

- Reduced susceptibility of air leakage due to less 
 dynamic and static sealing requirements.

- Reduced mass due to extensive use of composite and 
 polymer materials.


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