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Teqniqa comprises of a team of dedicated industry experts with over a century combined experience in design, development and manufacture of flexible components and systems. Our staff have considerable expertise in developing components to complex design specifications.

Teqniqa Systems are the designers and manufactures of complex fabricated flexible components, flexible structures and sub-systems using the technology of high performance flexible materials. This versatile technology has applications in the Space, Renewable Energy, Marine and Medical markets.

We specialise in research & development, testing and bespoke product design. Our expertise in pressure-based system design has applications in diverse areas such as Medical Devices, Adaptive Structures, Bespoke Bladders, Deployment Systems and high performance Pressure Vessels.

We deliver design services, prototyping, short production runs, and full service manufacturing with an array of related fabrication and on-site testing facilities.

Many of our products use HF Welding for gas or liquid retaining devices and braided sleeving as part of multi-layered components to create high performance capabilities for static and dynamic flexible systems.  We also produce durable inflatable components including Medical Device Bladders complying with ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification.

Our experience in the manufacture and manipulation of a vast variety of films and textiles including thermoplastics, such as Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Liquid crystal polymers such as Vectran®, aramids such as Kevlar® and CBRN Protective Materials gives a unique capability in the field of protective products, lightweight pressure vessels and fabricated structures that can be rigidised with air or water to high pressures.

The Intelligent Mooring System novel device developed by Teqniqa Systems & the University of Exeter


At Teqniqa we are always looking for innovative minds to join our organisation. As we continue to grow our business, we are determined to strengthen and add value in everything we do.

We seek to recruit technically adept and commerically astute professionals who are determined to produce customer focused, cost effective solutions. Furthermore, we are commited continous improvement and building the skills, qualifications and experiences of our staff to succeed and prosper in a rapidly changing global climate. We value the contribution of our staff and highlight the importance of recognition and rewards for their commitments and success.

If you are a determined and experienced professional who shares a passion for innovative technologies and you are looking to advance your career into a team that values your commitments, than we would like to hear from you. Experience is preferred within hi-tech engineering fields, such as research, development and/or manufacture within defence, oil & gas, maritime and utilities markets, where Teqniqa are currently active. Furthermore, given the nature of our core technologies, applicants with experience in the field of flexible materials engineering, would be highly attractive. Applicants can contact us by sending your CV with a cover letter to our HR Manager jstorey@teqniqa.com

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We have helpful members of staff available over the telephone Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Just call +44 (0) 203 326 0320 to speak to one of our team.

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